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Meeting Schedule 2016/17 – 2019/20

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Date Type Materials
17-Jun-20 Regular AGM Rescheduled
20-May-20 Regular Notice Cancelled
15-Apr-20 Regular Notice Cancelled
18-Mar-20 Regular Agenda Cancelled
4-Mar-20 Special Agenda, Background
19-Feb-20 Special Agenda, DNV Agenda re OCP, Background re OCP Minutes Financial Plan
15-Jan-20 Regular Meeting Cancelled
THU 21-Nov-19 Special Agenda, Addendum Oxford Minutes, Orwell Summary, Slides
6-Nov-19 Board Boundary Dispute Minutes
16-Oct-19 Regular Agenda Minutes, Addendum
18-Sep-19 Regular Agenda Minutes
20-Jun-19 Board Election of Officers Minutes
20-Jun-19 Regular Agenda, Addenda – Fire Centre Minutes, Modern Compact Cities, Parkland Supply Std
15-May-19 Regular Agenda Minutes
17-Apr-19 Regular Agenda, Rental Housing Minutes
20-Mar-19 Regular Agenda, JH Letter & Article Minutes, Rental Housing, Second Motion
20-Feb-19 Special Agenda Workshop Minutes
16-Jan-19 Regular Agenda Minutes, Attch. Town Hall Mtg Proposal
21-Nov-18 Regular Agenda Minutes,
OCP IMC Exec Summary, OCP IMC Rept to Council
19-Sep-18 Regular Agenda Minutes,
Questions to Candidates 2018
6-Sep-18 Board Agenda Minutes
11-Jul-18 Special Agenda Minutes
20-Jun-18 Board Election of Officers Minutes
20-Jun-18 Regular AGM Agenda Minutes
31-May-18 Regular Agenda Minutes
18-Apr-18 Special Agenda Minutes
29-Mar-18 Regular Agenda Minutes
21-Feb-18 Special Agenda Minutes
18-Jan-18 Regular Agenda Minutes
10-Jan-18 Special Agenda Minutes, DNV 2018-draft-budget
15-Nov-17 Special Agenda Minutes, Translink Addendum
18-Oct-17 Regular Cancelled
20-Sep-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
26-Jul-17 Board Agenda Minutes
28-Jun-17 Regular Agenda No minutes taken
17-May-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
19-Apr-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
15-Mar-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
1-Mar-17 Board Agenda Minutes
15-Feb-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
1-Feb-17 Regular Agenda, Addendum Meeting Notes
18-Jan-17 Regular Agenda Minutes
17-Nov-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
19-Oct-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
14-Sep-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
20-Jul-16 Board Agenda Minutes